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Meet Our Executive Board

Team Colorado is a 100% Volunteer Organization and Our Mission is to improve the Lives of the LGBT Community through increasing LGBT athletic endeavors and competition.    This is Who We are….

Co-Presidents of Team Colorado

Sonya Jaquez Lewis Sonya plays women’s doubles tennis with her partner, Allison.  Most recently, Sonya won the Silver medal in Mixed Doubles Tennis at the Gay Games in Cologne, Germany this past summer.  Sonya is a registered pharmacist and is on the Boulder County Board of Health.  Sonya founded the NC LGBT Pride Marching Band in 1987, the Durham County Women’s commission in 1988 and is a Presidential Sports Award winner in Tennis for 1992.  As President of Boulder Pride and a volunteer for the Colorado AntiViolence Program, she was named by the Boulder Weekly as one of “People to Watch for ” in 2007.  Sonya is the only out lesbian in the history of Colorado to be elected as a National Delegate to the Democratic National Convention which was held in Denver in 2008.  Sonya got “hooked” on Sports Festivals all the way back in 1982 when she co-sponsored the Very First OutDoor Dyke Olympics in honor of the first Gay Games that year. In 1994, Sonya was a Lesbian and Gay Bands of America percussionist at the Gay Games in NYC. She attended the very first International OutGames in Montreal in 2006 and finished third in women’s doubles tennis. Sonya and her partner Allison also played tennis at the 2009 OutGames in Copenhagen.  Sonya is currently Team Colorado’s Delegate to the Congress of GLISA North America and Federation of Gay Games.

Kevin Brauer Kevin is a Registered Nurse specializing in Critical Care and Cardiology. Kevin participated in the 10K road race at Gay Games III Vancouver 1990 and in 1993 helped (re)organize Denver Frontrunners, Colorado Whitewater Aquatics (now SQUID Swim Team) and Team Colorado.  In 1999 Kevin attended an organizational meeting of the Colorado Climax Ice Hockey teams and started training with them in 2000.  Kevin participated in Road Running and Triathlon at Gay Games IV and V and was on the Silver Medal winning Climax Ice Hockey Team at Gay Games VI. He ran the Half Marathon and played Defense for the Colorado Climax Evolution Hockey team at the 1st World Outgames in Montreal. At the 2nd World Outgames Copenhagen Kevin attended the International Conference on Human Rights, swam freestyle events with SQUID Swim Team, ran the Half Marathon and won a Silver Medal in his age group in the Triathlon. He also plays on the Climax team in the Denver Area Softball League.  He has served as a representative to the Federation of Gay Games.

Team Colorado Executive board

Steve Monroney    (FrontRunners)                      

Allison Lotspeich      (Tennis)

Mary Hetzel           (Power Lifting)

Gary Matthews          (Cycling / Crew)

Andrew LeVasseur/Roger Burleigh     (Squid Swim Team)

Brian Johnson (IT)

R. Tony Smith          (Volleyball)

Dave Decker          (Ice Hockey)

Stephen Hooks          (Rugby)